Sangeet & Dance Dhamaal!

This event is a combined, hosted by the both of our families, which will include a full Pakistani-Indian dinner, catered by Nawab Cuisine.  The Mehndi carries with it traditional customs, like each of our sides bringing an assortment of decorated bowls/cups/trays of henna, candles, and flowers, family and friends coming up to the stage to feed both of us mithai (South Asian pastry-like desserts; dessert signifies an auspicious event), singing songs to the beat of a dholki (a smaller double bass drum), and a few dances (practiced and/or freestyle).  The day of the Mehndi, aka Rasm-e-Henna, is also when I (Noreen) will have my hands and feet decorated with henna.  Farrukh, of course, will not (henna is meant for brides, not grooms!).

Put on your dancing shoes, gargle a couple of times to get that voice in tune and come enjoy the colorful and lively festivities of the Mehndi!

About the Mehndi:

  • Nawab is located in Yonkers, Westchester County, NY.
  • Ample parking is in the private lot located next to the venue.
  • Food will be catered by Nawab, a Pakistani/Indian restaurant.